These are some of the things I choose to spend my time on in addition to family and friends. If you happen to share some of these interests, I hope you find the content useful. You might even enjoy it.

This projects space is simply an extension to my website to keep and publish notes that might eventually make it into articles after some polish.

If you're interested in these things (I know you are), this site is running on Gollum, the software that also powers the Github and Gitlab wikis.

Volkswagen T2 bus

A set of technical articles and guides around maintenance, service, part identification and restoration of the Volkswagen T2 bus. While the guides attempt to be generic for all model years where possible, some information is more geared towards my own bus, a 1979 fuel-injected 2.0 liter model. Or somewhat more generally, towards '76-'79 L-Jetronic buses.

Open source

With over a decade of engagement in Open Source and as the former Community Team Manager at Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, I'm passionate about making technology, information and open standards accessible to everyone. I also happen to talk a lot about it.

Swing DJing

I'm a Lindy Hop dancer and I also do swing DJing at events every now and then. This is some of the music I've put together from DJ sessions at different locations. Also, if you are wondering what this Lindy Hop thing is, and you're not impressed by Wikipedia's wall of text on it, instead metalcheck this out.

Traditional woodworking